Blaze at Plum Brook Golf Course damages structure, golf carts

Wind-fanned flames from a burning golf cart infect the cart barn at Plum Brook Golf Course in Sterling Heights on Sunday causing about $100,000 in damage, the city said in a news release today.Fire Chief Chris Martin stated the fire began about 7 p.m. after a golfer observed a cart cigarette smoking and took it to the clubhouse. An upkeep individual then took the golf cart to the garage and parked it beside the structure where it ignited and quickly was swallowed up in flames.The winds pushed the flames into the Golf Shop Online building, which caught fire. The building was a total loss in addition to about 4 golf carts, according to the city.

Space age: Golf's 'arms race' explores the final frontier

Since golf players initially bunted leather balls around Scottish links, they have searched for equipment to make them better-- and longer.From the initial crude sticks to hickory-shafted clubs, through steel, titanium and carbon-fiber motorists, the video game's "arms race" reveals no sign of slowingIn reality, it has gone into orbit. Actually.In the continuous battle to beat the competitors, to assist gamers meeting the ball further than ever before, one company has actually gone to space to establish its most current clubs.

Pandemonium ensues after Oregon wins its first NCAA men's golf title

Eugene Country Club sits less than two miles from Autzen Stadium, which seems only proper considered that the finals of the NCAA Men s Golf Championship on Wednesday felt and look a lot like a college football video game, right down to the screaming fans storming the field after the home group claimed success.With Oregon and Texas tied 2-2 (which is a story in and of itself), Duck redshirt junior Sulman Raza cominged in a five-foot birdie on the 21st hole of his match versus Taylor Funk to offer his school its first NCAA team title in golf.