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Is It Because of Menopause or Not?

Women who have reached the age of menopause are usually found complaining of one symptom after another related to it. The thing with these symptoms of menopause is that they are similar to symptoms of more serious conditions which women should be aware of. Somehow our tendency is simply to dismiss it as signs of menopause which can be dangerous since there are other more serious conditions that also have the same symptoms.

Below are some of the common symptoms which are similar to that of menopause but could be a more serious condition.

Women who are going through menopause can sometimes experience irregular, heavy or unusual periods. This can be accompanied by mood swings. But, be aware that these are also the symptoms of cervical cancer. Consult with a gynecologist if your are experiencing heavy, unusual bleeding, with blood clots, and bleeding after sex since it can be a sign not just of menopause but of a more serious disease as cervical cancer.

Hot flashes is another symptoms of menopause and doctors would usually dismiss you with prescriptions for Isula Natura for menopause or a prescription for HRT. This prescription is great for hot flashes due to menopause. If your hot flashes are accompanied by excessive sweating and heart palpitations, these symptoms is an indication of the condition of hyperthyroidism. If you are losing a lot of weight and feeling hot when it is cold, remember not to dismiss it right away as a symptom of menopause because it could be something else.

Hair loss is another symptom of menopause which is cause by the failing levels of estrogen due to bodily changes. it is not only during menopause that you experience hair loss but also if you have hyperthyroidism, experiencing stress or alopecia. It can also be a sign of vitamin and mineral deficiency. Find out the real cause of your hair loss so that you can find the right treatment for it.

‘ Depression is also common to women undergoing menopause, and when given replacement estrogen, they tend to feel less depressed. However, depression can be a symptom of other conditions aside from menopause. Even without menopause, depression can be experienced as a condition in itself. Depression can also be a result of living a stressful life or the condition of hyperthyroidism. So, if it is not cause by menopause, giving you replacement estrogen will not relive you from depression.

If you are seeing symptoms similar to symptoms of menopause, don’t just dismiss it but make sure you get to the root of the problem for the sake of your own health. If it something more serious than menopause, then it is good to know about it right away so that you can deal properly with it.

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